iPhone Backup Utility - Licence Agreement

the Program That Keeps Your Data Safe!

Inforall.net Software Team.
iPhone Backup Utility License Agreement.

By downloading/purchasing IBU and/or clicking "I Agree" when you install it you declare and accept the following:
Use of this application is under your own responsibility.
Inforall.net software team (IlanF or Miki Harel) will take no responsibility
in case anything goes wrong while using this application including:
- Damage to iPhone or information.
- Damage to your PC.
- Any kind of loss of information (including images).

You may contact us at any time with any question at support@inforall.net
Inforall.net Team is not required to provide any updates or/and support
but will provide a proper service to all users.

By accepting this license you declare that you are informed and agree to the followings:
iPhone Backup Utility is a free application (for common backup elements) which requires the iPhone to be JailBroken,
with OpenSSH installed.
Installing OpenSSH and/or jailbreaking your iPhone is only for you to decide.
iPhone Backup Utility may connect to you iPhone via SCP protocol,
and send or receive files to and from the iPhone.
Use this application on your iPhone only and your privacy will be kept.

Please take a moment to visit us at http://www.inforall.net, and http://ibu.inforall.net.

If you decide to purchase a serial number for IBU (iPhone Backup Utility) then you also agree to the following:
- you will pay the amount specified on http://ibu.inforall.net/buy.php
- IBU price is subject to change from time to time.
- The IBU serial number is only active for 1 computer and will not work on any other computer accept the one you activated it on.
- You can always ask the Inforall support team for a replacement serial if you intend to switch computers (support is subject to change as described above).

Thank You,
Inforall.net Software Team.