About iPhone Backup Utility

the Program That Keeps Your Data Safe!

iPhone Backup Utility 4.0 is an amazing program that backups and restores the critical data on your iOS device.
This version was created after a lot of users have contacted us about a new version so here it is.
Previews version of IBU were completely free which is why we had no time developing them further. That's why this version is partly paid,
this way we'll have more resources developing it more and updating it with every iOS update.

We didn't want to leave you without anything to taste from so if you're new to IBU and want to try it out feel free to use the "basic" backup elements with no trial period.

iPhone Backup Utility (4.0) was developed by Mickey and Ilan from the Inforall.net team when we got tired of backing up the important data on our 2G iPhones manually via winSCP before every software upgrade.

We'd like to say thanks to the tens of thousands IBU users, we hope you enjoy using this app as much as we enjoyed creating it.
If you have any question or you need help please contact us: support@inforall.net

Inforall.net, Inforall.net Software Team, Ilan and Miki are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, computer and/or information on your device/s.
Use of this app is under your responsibility only.
Please take note of the IBU License agreement

For more information please Contact us